The Atomic Worm-Lizard and Other Aprasia Flapfoots

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The Atomic Worm-Lizard and Other Aprasia Flapfoots
Tetrapod Zoology ver 3
Published 11 March 2015
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I’m feeling the urge to blog about lizards.


Revisiting pygopodids, gekkotan "worm-lizards" with short tails and highly reduced limbs. Their teeth are sexually dimorphic; only males have premaxillary teeth (most of the time). Aprasia spp. resemble blindsnakes (binge-feeding, reduced dentition, very short tail) but surprisingly, they can be sympatric. A. rostrata was blown up by atomic bombs on Hermite island but didn't go extinct or turn into Godzilla; also, it seems to be the same species that lives on the mainland. The biology of Aprasia spp. is poorly-known and new species are being described frequently.

Mentioned Species[edit]

Flapfoots/Flap-footed lizards/Pygopods (Pygopodidae)[edit]

  • Pink-Tailed Worm-Lizard (Aprasia parapulchella)
  • Aprasia smithi
  • Aprasia rostrata (= Abilenea fusca, Aprasia fusca)
  • Aprasia aurita
  • Aprasia inaurita
  • Aprasia pseudopulchella
  • Aprasia haroldi
  • Aprasia picturata
  • Aprasia clairae
  • Aprasia litorea
  • Delma
  • Lialis
  • Pygopus



Blindsnakes (Typhlopidae)[edit]