The 300th article at Tet Zoo ver 3 is very weird

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The 300th article at Tet Zoo ver 3 is very weird
Tetrapod Zoology ver 3
Published 17 December 2014
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I should confess to you that I’ve even considered changing Tetrapod Zoology to Vertebrate Zoology


Darren decides against another retrospective for this celebration and covers something unexpected — fish. Placoderms aren't an extinct clade, and crown-gnathostomes (i.e. including tetrapods) descend from them. Acanthodians also aren't a clade and are close relative of chondrichthyans. Within chondrichthyans, chimeras have lots of extinct relative and it turns out that rays are not modified sharks (angelsharks and sawsharks are convergently ray-like). Then... there are the bony fish. Several deep-sea fishes have a surprisingly good fossil record.

Mentioned Species[edit]

  • Dunkleosteus
  • Entelognathus
  • Carolowilhelmina
  • Brochoadmones
  • Enchodus