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The Blogger Era. Ran from 21 January 2006 to 24 January 2007.

Nerd Edition

2006 Articles[edit]


Article Summary Link
Welcome to Tetrapod Zoology The post that started it all [1]
When eagles go bad Eagles, what can't they kill? [2]
A trip to Hastings Wealden Dinosaurs [3]
Giraffes: set for change Giraffe(s), possibly more than one species [4]
Graeme’s Pleistocene megafrog How big can frogs get? [5]
The pinnae of Megazostrodon Megazostrodon probably did have ear flaps [6]
The Curbridge whale and Muirhead's revenge News from the world of Darren [7]
Those Transatlantic manatees Dispersal across the Atlantic in the distant and perhaps not-so-distant past. [8]
Bipedal crurotarsan, harbinger of doom Turns out Effigia is not a theropod after all [9]


Article Summary Link
Little birds in crevices Bird sleeping habits [10]
Swan-necked seals Acrophoca and the necks of seals [11]
The Walking With Dinosaurs ‘Micro-expression’ Darren grimaces on the Beeb [12]
The bear-eating pythons of Borneo Snakes that eat bears (and other large prey) [13]
They bite, they grow to huge sizes, they locate human corpses: the snapping turtles, part I Snapping turtles Part I [14]
Snapping turtles, part II: hyperexcitability, supercooling, and the inevitable recolonisation of Europe in the Anthropocene Snapping turtles Part II [15]
Tortoises that drink with their noses, or: alas, goodbye Hololissa? Giant tortoises [16]
Eagle owls take over Britain Eagle owls in Britain, invasive species or not? [17]
When whales walked the land… and looked like antelopes… and mimicked crocodiles…. and evolved trunks. What? Whale evolution [18]
Walter Rothschild and the rise and fall of Sclater’s cassowary Rothschild's amazing casowary collection [19]
British big cats: how good, or bad, is the evidence? Alien Big Cats roam Britain [20]
Luis Rey and the new oviraptorosaur panoply Oviraptor taxonomy and diversity [21]
Lots of sauropods, or just a few sauropods, or lots of sauropods? Sauropods in Britain [22]
No no no no NO: the Herring gull is NOT a ring species! Herring gulls, not a ring species after all [23]
Gambo rides again: the beaked beast of Bungalow Beach and the prehistoric survivor paradigm Gambo the beaked whale [24]


Article Summary Link
Cryptic dinosaur diversity, ‘real taxon’ counts, curse of the nomina dubia, and the holy grail: matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization [25]
When salamanders invaded the Dinaric Karst: convergence, history, and reinvention of the troglobitic olm [26]
Pleistocene refugia and late speciation: are extant bird species older than we mostly think? [27]
The late survival of Homotherium confirmed, and the Piltdown cats [28]
It’s not a rhinogradentian: it’s the most fantastic jerboa Euchoreutes [29]
The biggest eagle, part I [30]
Giant furry pets of the Incas [31]
Osgood, Fuertes, and mice that swim and mice that wade [32]
New, obscure, and nearly extinct rodents of South America, and…. when fossils come alive [33]


Article Summary Link
The Fifth Symposium on the Flying Humanoid Problem April Fools'! [34]
Why azhdarchids were giant storks [35]
Hunting Green lizards in Dorset: new aliens or old natives? [36]
The hands of sauropods: horseshoes, spiky columns, stumps and banana shapes [37]
The Cultured Ape, and Attenborough on gorillas [38]
On those pesky prehistoric survivors: a call to arms [39]
T2: Judgement Day... Darren's Doctoral thesis and a distracting hedgehog. [40]
Attack of the blue foamy pterosaurs [41]


Article Summary Link
At last, the Odedi revealed: the most mysterious bush warbler [42]
When animals die in trees [43]
Mystery birds of the Falkland Islands [44]
In quest of anguids [45]
Pterosaur wings: broad-chord, narrow-chord, both, in-between, or…. all of the above? [46]
Snapping turtles, part III: bite, lunge, lure and snap [47]
The most freaky of all mammals: rabbits [48]
Dicynodonts that didn’t die: late-surviving non-mammalian synapsids I [49]
‘Time wandering’ cynodonts and docodonts that (allegedly) didn’t die: late-surviving synapsids II [50]
Make that ten most ‘beautifully interesting’ birds (part I) [51]
More 'beautifully interesting' birds (part II) [52]
What I saw at the zoo today [53]
Last of the most 'beautifully interesting' birds (part III) [54]


Article Summary Link
At last, Dr Naish [55]
Introducing the plethodontids [56]
The interesting and contentious discovery of the kipunji [57]
The kipunji, and new light on the evolution of drills, mandrills and baboons [58]
Chewed bones and bird-eating microbats [59]
Greater noctules: specialist predators of migrating passerines [60]
What killed the stag beetles? [61]
Basal tyrant dinosaurs and my pet Mirischia [62]
More on what I saw at the zoo [63]
Dinosaurs come out to play [64]
Hot heads and farmyard galliforms [65]
Ichthyosaur wars and marvellous mixosaurs [66]
British eagle owls: an update [67]


Article Summary Link
‘A miniature plesiosaur without flippers’: surreal morphologies and surprising behaviours in sea snakes [68]
Sea kraits: radical intraspecific diversity, reproductive isolation, and site fidelity [69]
The war on parasites: a pigeon’s eye view [70]
The war on parasites: an oviraptorosaur’s eye view [71]
‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part I [72]
‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part II [73]
‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part III [74]
'Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part IV [75]
Finally: big cat kills uncensored and uncut [76]
The joy of graduation [77]
Meet peccary # 4 [78]
My party and those marvellous metriorhynchids [79]
Life in the Oxford Clay sea [80]


Article Summary Link
Toys toys toys [81]
Toys: part II [82]
Why putting your hand in a peccary’s mouth is a really bad idea [83]
We flightless primates Unlikely megabat-primate affinities [84]
Bucorvids: post-Cretaceous maniraptorans on the savannah [85]
How big is a white rhino? [86]
The Cupar roe deer carcass [87]
The quest for normality [88]
The deer-pig, the Raksasa, the only living anthracothere… welcome to the world of babirusas [89]
The many babirusa species: laissez-faire lumping under fire again [90]


Article Summary Link
Cadborosaurus and the Naden Harbour carcass: extant Mesozoic marine reptiles, or just bad bad science? [91]
Steve Irwin, b. 1962, d. 2006 [92]
Literally, flying lemurs (and not dermopterans) [93]
Are Sumatran rhinos really ‘living fossils’? [94]
The small, recently extinct, island-dwelling crocodilians of the south Pacific [95]
Even more recently extinct, island dwelling crocodilians [96]
Did ichthyosaurs fly? Probably not, no [97]


Article Summary Link
Controversial origins of the domestic dog [98]
BBC News 24 (again) [99]
Oh deer oh deer oh deer [100]
The first new European mammal in 100 years? You must be joking [101]
Giants, goblins, unihumans and all that [102]
A 6 ton model, and a baby that puts on 90 kg a day: rorquals part I [103]
From cigar to elongated, bloated tadpole: rorquals part II [104]
Lunging is expensive, jaws can be noisy, and what’s with the asymmetry? Rorquals part III [105]
Terror birds [106]


Article Summary Link
More on phorusrhacids: the biggest, the fastest, the mostest out-of-placest [107]
Dinosauroids revisited [108]
Giant hoatzins of doom [109]
Goodbye, my giant predatory, cursorial, flightless hoatzin [110]
Giant killers: macropredation in lions [111]
Those sexy tupuxuarids [112]
The Madagascar pochard returns [113]
Frame 352, and all that That famous Bigfoot film. [114]


Article Summary Link
Harduns and toad-heads; a tale of arenicoly and over-looked convergence [115]
History writ large at Electric Politics [116]
The most inconvenient seal How seals got to Lake Baikal. [117]
Christmas cards [118]
Matt Wedel: officially, a bastard [119]
Obscure dinosaurs of the Kimmeridge Clay [120]
Happy Christmas, from gigantic Spanish sauropods... or, alas, poor ‘Angloposeidon’ [121]
When eagles go bad, one more time [122]
When eagles go bad, one more time... part II [123]

2007 Articles[edit]


Article Summary Link
That’s no mystery carnivore (part I) [124]
That’s no mystery carnivore (part II)… it’s a giant squirrel! [125]
Finally, some hot giant amphicoelian action [126]
Biggest…. sauropod…. ever (part…. I) [127]
Biggest sauropod ever (part…. II) [128]
Why I hate Darwin’s beard [129]
The evolution of vampires [130]
Happy first birthday Tetrapod Zoology (part I) [131]
Happy first birthday Tetrapod Zoology (part II) [132]
Goodbye blogspot.... [133]
Tetrapod Zoology ver 2 [134]