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Housed at tetzoo.com and hosted by Darren Naish and John Conway. Launched on 1 Feb 2013 and still running strong, hiatuses aside. Has a Drinking Game.


Episode Summary Link
Episode 1: The Prequel Azhdarchid pterosaurs, plesiosaur phylogeny, peafowl, glassfrogs, Prometheus, and the sorry state of prequels. [1]
Episode 2: A Murderous Tit's Got Your Tube-nose Jesus Crocodiles attacking elephants, murderous tits,  tubenosed seabirds, listener question, Andrewsarchus vs. Arctodus, and Little Shop of Horrors. [2]
Episode 3: Featuring the Features of Bigfoot's Feet Bigfoot Special [3]
Episode 4: Tetrapodcats Jurassic Snark Bigfoot followup, Jurassic Park, Alien. [4]
Episode 5: You Sexy Thing Sexual selection in dinosaurs, the morality of The Thing, canon, invasive species during the Cretaceous. [5]
Episode 6: Rookies in Colour Rooks, Avatar (again), and colouration in animals. [6]
Episode 7: Monster Tetrapodcats With Blake Smith of the Monster Talk podcast. Best/Worst of Rios, cryptozoology, cartoons, Cloverfield, Dave Peters, Raymond Hoser. [7]
Episode 8: Birds and Underwear on the Outside Bird behaviour, bird gut evolution, Superman, the state of underwear in superheroeshints at top secret book. [8]
Episode 9: Tetrapodcats and the Life Aquatic Night Parrots, mesosaurs, aquatic tetrapods, Pacific Rim rant. [9]
Episode 10: On the Silliness of Monsters from the Deep The Loch Ness Monster, the NHM Extinction exhibition, Pacific Rim (again). [10]
Episode 11: It's Fun to Stay at the SV-P-C-A Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, fossil collecting, many listener question [11]
Episode 12: The Tale of Microraptor and the Tail of Jeholornis Aerodynamics of Microraptor, new tail of Jeholornis, crocodyliform crocodylomorphs, Eoraptor, Godzilla 1998. [12]
Episode 13: The Best Episode Ever  ??? [13]
Episode 14: Will Never be as Good as Episode 13 The lost glory of Episode 13, woolly rhinos, woolly horses, the Hook Island Monster, listener questions, the Cryptozoologicon. [14]
Episode 15: Cryptozoologicon Special, Volume I With Memo Kosemen. The Cryptozoologicon, notoungulates, other listener requests. [15]


Episode Summary Link
Episode 16: The Dividulation of Smaug Conjoined whales, genetic chimera, new tapirs, Bigfoot (again), the Minnesota Ice Man, Weta workshop. [16]
Episode 17: Questions of Fuzz, Death, and Tuskses The 8th birthday of TetZoo, fish (why?), Darren's new paper on fossil bird behaviour, why female asian elephants lack tusks, why mammals did so well after the K/Pg extinction, the deal with archosaur integument. [17]
Episode 18: At Least We Remembered Our Birthday Tetrapodcats turns one, axolotl, conservation, speciation, how attractive donkeys find horses. [18]
Episode 19: Sillysaurus Answers your Cash for Questions! No primates in North America or Europe, no ground sloths in the Old World, no woolly rhinos in the New World, taxonomic status of Pristichampsus, predatory mimicry, the new big sillysaurid. [19]
Episode 20: Locked in TetZoo Towers! Baby-saving birds, the sociability of varanids, whether other tetrapods could have evolved to fill our niche, whether four limbs make you a tetrapod, the most flammable tetrapods, new Godzilla trailer, why Darren is locked in his house. [20]
Episode 21: Is Darren Dumb, or are Caecilians Stupid? MC Hammer (Extinction Time), the intelligence of amphibians, the stupidest tetrapod, the stupidest movie (Walking With Dinosaurs), mosasaurs. [21]
Episode 22: Bergmann's Fool! New tapir, new theropods, Bergmann's Rule, flightless bats, the cuteness of babies that are not your own species. [22]
Episode 23: Does Toxoplasma Make You Like Podcats? Intelligence of moose, Toxoplasma, when we stopped all being fish, the decline (or not) of pterosaurs, Shaun of the Dead and other zombie films. [23]
Episode 24: If I told you to say Niche, would you Switch? President on a moose, Darren's new bird paper, Alligators, plesiosaur snouts, new hupehsuchians and tapirs, chickens, Toxoplasma, the point of tails or lack thereof, survivors of the M/C Extinction, ecological niches of fossil tetrapods. [24]
Episode 25: Mysterious Mammals Gagagon, Crash bandicoot, new tyrannosaur, Aplestosuchus, Pleistocene extinction, non-mammalian synapsids. [25]
Episode 26: Only a Swingin' Cat would try a Muppet Rap Tapirs, ratites, Amazonian dromomerycines, spec zoo classic mashups, why cats just can't get into the groove. [26]
Episode 27: Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla! Sussex big cat, eating of a great white shark, punching in the face, Deinocheirus, the Angeac dinosaur, Godzilla films (1954, 1998, 2014). [27]
Episode 28: Sideways Nipply-Things Little ratty things, nothosaur tracks, Australian newts, theropod forelimbs, Squamozoic. [28]
Episode 29: Superheroes Hate Genetics New tapirs (?), TetZooCon round up, usefulness of eve-devo to palaeontology, advantage of antlers, pterosaurs are better than birds, ratite biogeography. [29]
Episode 30: Live in the pub, wobbles, falls over Antlers, ethics of killing animals, Darren and Memo's talks at LonCon 3, most boring Tetrapod. [30]
Episode 31: Oh Noah, not Rodent Teeth! Best/worst of SVPCA, deer-cow hybrids (aka cows), Transylvanian pturtles, expert FU on antlers, sauropod respiratory system, sauropod size, Planet of the Apes, the ever-changing head of Quetzalcoatlus, tyrannosaur arms, Noah. [31]
Episode 32: Waddling with Spinosaurs Probably has dinosaurs, pterosaurs, Cash for Questions!, and some terrible movie. [32]
Episode 33: Uncle Darren Loves Animals How big legs are or aren't, a palaeoart article, Darren’s lament, kangaroos that didn't hop or did, podcats reviewed at Li’L Box Big Universe, and the Chickensaurus Event (#chickensaurus). [33]
Episode 34: What the Hell? Lungs & diving, Star Wars screwup again, re-wilding & ecotourism, Shanklin croc, multituberculates, and the Tet Zoo wiki. [34]
Episode 35: Even the least doggy of dogs look like doggy-dogs Freediving, how to Patreonise Darren, Archelosauria, Vintana the gondwanathere, Cartorhynchus, the possible switcheroo of hyenas and dogs in their cursorial and borophagian ways, fairy tales including a discussion on Maleficent. [35]
Episode 36: The Fifth Dimension is LURVE FU on hyenas, cassowaries, seals vs porpoises, Alanqa jaws, giant Chinese nothosaurs, fossil bias of unusual specimens, why gulls stare at their feet, Jurassic World, and Interstellar. [36]


Episode Summary Link
Episode 37: Dawn of the Planet of the Non-Homo sapiens Apes Cassowaries, ‘Labrodon’, liberal Hollywood, gull feet, Darren the cruisemeister, Big Book, what’s at Tet Zoo, FROGS, Tet Zoo's birthday, no news from John, Rue Pei et al. new Microraptor, bird phylogeny papers, Koschowitz et al. vs Mayr on feathers, Aquilops, dwarf elephant, no polar bear in yeti DNA, what the best dinosaur is, the social structure of dinosaurian groups, the rights and wrongs of keeping whales and reptiles in captivity, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [37]
Episode 38: A Not Too Shabby Podcarts FU on Planet of the Apes, Darren talks to school kids, Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Conference, FROGS, Tet Zoo 9th birthday, Darren's take on Conquest of the Skies David Attenborough series, why archosaur replaced synapsids in the Triassic, what the adaptive advantage is of being able to regenerate limbs, Darren's opinion on the film Rio (terrible) [38]
Episode 39: #Batfacts #Podcats The movie Rio stars a cockatoo, more #Batfacts and other #hashtags: #BuildaBetterFakeTheropod and #TetZooNameGame. #SaveDippy, Finding Bigfoot UK, Jurassic snakes, Hume’s owl revelation, and a new tapir! Whether Godzilla should have feathers, archaeocryptozoology and parthenogenesis. The film Lucy. [39]
Episode 40: Darren Heard an Owl, John Saw a Dog in a Jumper, but No One has Seen a Monkey Playing a Banjo Red Letter Media guy, Rio 2, How Big is Texas, Spotted owlet, The Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Conference, and John's new Twitter handle (@thejohnconway), Eotaria, Purussaurus bite strength, diverse docodonts, BD in Madagascar, the passing of Stephen Czerkas, Vladimir Krb, Eugenie Clark, and Leonard Nimoy; aquatic sloths, the musical ability of tetrapods, and how to respond to cranks. [40]