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The most comments on a Tet Zoo post is a staggering 661 on Ratites in trees: the evolution of ostriches and kin, and the repeated evolution of flightlessness (ratite evolution part II). Who would have thought vicariance could wreak such havoc.

The least number of comments on a Tet Zoo post is none for twelve posts on Tet Zoo ver 1. The Blogger era was so bereft of comments that only three of articles ever passed the magic number of comments.

The first comment on Tet Zoo was by Steve Bodio on When eagles go bad.

The 10,000th comment on Tet Zoo was "It eats babies and turns into a goat at night." by Darren on Old World monkeys of choice.

The longest title for a Tet Zoo post is Nycticein bats: apparently, a nice example of how assorted distant relatives can be mistakenly considered close allies on the basis of one or two characters (vesper bats part XIII) with 189 characters (including spaces).

The longest series in Tet Zoo history was the Vesper Bat Series with 20 entries.

The most productive eras on Tet Zoo were June 2007 and July 2009, each months having 25 posts. 2009 had a remarkable 231 posts.

The busiest day for Tet Zoo was 01 June 2007 which saw the publication of 5 articles — Tet Zoo picture of the day 7 and the Multiple new species of large, living mammal series.

The longest Tet Zoo post was Why the world has to ignore ReptileEvolution.com with 10052 words.

Things start getting real nerdy past this point

Tet Zoo ver 1 Tet Zoo ver 2 Tet Zoo ver 3
Duration (days) 368 1751 1343 +
Articles 134 858 319 +
Articles/Day 0.36 0.49 0.24
Comments 994 26,321 13,684
Comments/Article 7.4 30.7 43.7
Comments/Day 2.7 15.0 10.4
Words 199013 918,687 647,244
Words/Article 1485 1071 2029
Words/Day 540 522 482

The total word count for Tet Zoo as of New Books on Dinosaurs 2: Dean Lomax and Nobumichi Tamura’s Dinosaurs of the British Isles is 1,764,944, about the same as Les Misérables and À la recherche du temps perdu.