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The TetZoo Name Game (identified by hashtag #TetZooNameGame) is a contest played on the @TetZoo Twitter account.

The rules are simple.

  • Darren posts a list of 10 obscure names of tetrapods
  • Readers reply to that tweet with how many they are able to identify (e.g. "4/10")
    • Without looking them up first, of course!
  • The reply should include the hashtag #TetZooNameGame
  • The first reader who is able to identify the greatest amount wins a smug sense of self-satisfaction and endless #TetZooNameGameFame.

Past contests[edit]

Warning: Links contain spoilers!

Date List Winner Score
19 Jun 2015 #TetZooNameGame Here we go. How many do you 'know'? Dibatag barbastelle crombec donacobius crocias coywolf cavy moccasin seretes mithun @VaranusSalvator 6/10
25 Feb 2015 Another #TetZooNameGame Share your score out of 10, use tag! ovet wood-cat mangut chilla currawong woodchat tiníléí treepie kobe crapaud @VertPaleoFan 7/10
18 Feb 2015 #TetZooNameGame As per usual: marks out of 10, use tag! hopue mamo drongo newtonia biawak butaan bitatawa corsac tarvaga whistlepig #animals @VertPaleoFan 6/10
12 Feb 2015 #TetZooNameGame Say how many you know out of 10, and use tag. Good luck! coly coney ratel go-away grison odobene barbet aracari guan cavy @Acanthoplus 10/10
7 Feb 2015 Time for #TetZooNameGame Tell us how many you know out of 10, use the tag! kob grysbok rhebok lelwel tora kanki nkonzi korkay aoudad roan @VaranusSalvator 10/10
4 Feb 2015 #TetZooNameGame Use tag, say how many out of 10. scalytail feathertail sandpuppy mudpuppy tuco-tuco akodon junco bananaquit waterhen oribi @D0CT0R_Dave 10/10
29 Jan 2015 #TetZooNameGame How many do u know out of 10? Use tag shingleback solenodon bandy-bandy hoolock lutung pollywog gymnure dibbler crake siren @VaranusSalvator 10/10
27 Jan 2015 #TetZooNameGame Say how many you know, use tag. doradito murrelet grassquit sabrewing mango hornero skaapsteker pademelon drill mangabey @RobHilton_ 9/10
23 Jan 2015 Another #TetZooNameGame. Use tag, say score out of 10. wambenger quoll wuhl-wuhl kowari noolbenger wyulda warendj quokka phascogale colocolo @Acanthoplus 8/10
19 Jan 2015 Another #TetZooNameGame. You say how many you 'know' out of 10 :) scoter manul grison muriqui cuscus brocket tapiti goosander saker kaka @thonoir 9/10
17 Jan 2015 #TetZooNameGame! You say (use tag!) how many u get out of 10: kipunji odedi javelina simakobu douc lutong fer-de-lance platanna ora fulvetta @VaranusSalvator 9/10
16 Jan 2015 Another #TetZooNameGame! You say how many you know out of 10: smew bufflehead desman jird sewellel degu tuco-tuco kodkod kokako mastigure @albertonykus 10/10
15 Jan 2015 Another #TetZooNameGame: how many do you know out of 10? ajalote ameiva massasauga beluga tayra hemipode perentie prinia manushi zonure @VaranusSalvator 9/10
15 Jan 2015 Another game. You say how many #animals you recognise, score is out of 10.. apalis duiker boto nilgai titi olm moloch luth vontsira blesmol @Acanthoplus 10/10
13 Jan 2015 Test yr #animals skills. How many of these do u know? tahr, amphiuma, tsessebe, tanuki, bulbul, yuhina, vaquita, babirusa, oribi, rinkhals. @VaranusSalvator 10/10