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== Tet Zoo Convention 2014 ==
London Wetland Centre, July 12th, 2014
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Speaker Title Video
John Conway Welcome to TetZooCon N/A
Darren Naish summary [1]
Mark Witton “Post-Mesozoic evolution of azhdarchid pterosaurs”
Paolo Viscardi “Notes on a newly described species of ‘Feejee’ mermaid” [2]
Carole Jahme “Was Caliban an Orang Pendek?”
Helen Meredith “What have amphibians ever done for us?”
Mike Taylor “Why giraffes have short necks”
Neil Phillips “In pursuit of British tetrapods – hunting with the camera”
Paleoart workshop
Panelists John Conway Bob Nicholls Mark Witton
Three professional paleoartists (and the audience) reconstructed an animal based on a famous fossil.
TetZoo Quiz
The nigh impossible TetZoo quiz. Winner Kelvin Britton got a pigskull.
Tet Zoo Convention 2015
To Be Announced
...more to come?