Some of The Things I Have Gotten Wrong

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Some of The Things I Have Gotten Wrong
Tetrapod Zoology ver 3
Published 20 April 2015
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It’s some of these ‘things I’ve gotten wrong’ that I want to discuss here: consider this article both an introspection, and an update on various subjects covered here over the years.



In Frame 352, and all that, Darren felt that there were three pieces of Bigfoot evidence that looked pretty good: dermal ridges, the Skookum body cast, and the the Patterson-Gimlin footage. Rather than being revolutionary, since then they fell apart upon further scrutiny and Darren now believes Bigfoot is sociological.

Giant Bipedal Orangutans[edit]

Since Encounters with gigantic orangutans, it turns out that John MacKinnon saw a large, dark orangutan walking quadrupedally, not bipedally. The skeletal evidence for gigantic orangutans likewise has not held up.

Dogs Origins[edit]

Since Controversial origins of the domestic dog, the ‘dogs are not wolves’ model has been totally killed by molecular phylogeny.

Mastiff Cats & Rabbit-Headed Cats[edit]

Since The mastiff cat hypothesis, it turns out the carcasses belonged to a dog (probably) and a normal domestic cat. Since The Dufftown cat and its rabbit-headed kin, it turns out the unusual traits are within the range of domestic cats.