Megophrys: so much more than Megophrys nasuta

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Megophrys: so much more than Megophrys nasuta Short-legged Toad Tadpole (Xenophrys brachykolos) 短腳角蟾.jpg
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Published 30 December 2014
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Parsley frogs are very nice, but they’re dull compared to certain other pelobatoid lineages, especially the (sometimes) rather spectacular megophryids (or megophryines) of SE Asia.


Forget those parsley frogs, megophryids are the pelobatoids worth mentioning. The most familiar species is Megophrys nasuta which has particularly prominent supraorbital horns and a pointed snout. There are almost 60 other cryptic leaf-litter imitating species of Megophrys... unless there are a lot of genera. Their riparian tadpoles are really freaky and notably have an upward-facing funnel-like mouth.

Mentioned Species[edit]

  • Bornean horned frog / Long-nosed horned frog (Megophrys nasuta)

Recently named Megophrys:

  • M. acuta
  • M. cheni
  • M. lini
  • M. obesa

Former genera now lumped into Megophrys:

  • Xenophrys

Other megophryids

  • Atympanophrys
  • Brachytarsophrys
  • Ophryophryne

Notable Comments[edit]

  • #12 — eascarrunz points out that in megophryid tadpoles numerous tail vertebrae ossify: 11–15 in Megophrys and 27 in Leptobatrachella. Handrigan et al. (2007) discusses this strange reversal in more detail.