Gorgonopsians and Ropens

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A rare subfossil gorgonopsian!

It all began on Tet Zoo picture of the day 17 when Mwaka Unguti commented:

I am somewhat surprised at the ideas given here that the skulls if from a babboon. Its synapsid features show that it is a from the Synapsida but its dentition features and tremendous cranial ridges show that it is of the Permian gorgonopsian group. It is a shame that they is no scale in the picture becuase this is making the skull look small, it must really be large and this would show its gorgon identity best. I have done a big study of these animals and know this.

Later that year, Darren published Pterosaurs alive in, like, the modern day! and introduced Ropens into the Tet Zoo sphere. Darren did another mystery article a few months later and none other than John Conway commented:

Well now, this is clearly a proto-ropen. Which was a hypothetical dimly-bioluminescent ptero-bat-sloth-bird of three and a half thousand years ago that microevolved into todays ropen.

When Darren mentioned the incorrect guesses in the followup Goodbye from the stem-haematotherm, goodbye from me he used the curious phrasing:

arboreal gorgonopsian, proto-ropen

Somehow, the two became forever intertwined in the Tet Zoo-verse.