Episode 39: Batfacts Podcats

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Episode 39: #Batfacts #Podcats
Tetrapod Zoology Podcast
Episode 39
Published 10 February 2015
Link [1]
Darren is Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
John is Lucy
Darren Tweets at "Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as well" @TetZoo
Length: 1:36:48
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John: This is another great part of the show: Darren scrolls through Twitter while mumbling.

Darren: Um... Camera films... frog tongues... actinoptergian fish... frog tongues... Permian Bears... Jurassic World... Liam Neeson's daughter... uh... True Grit... Hook Island Sea Monster... T-shirts... Sea monsters... Tyrannosaurs versus bees (what?)... back from the woods... tongue protrusion in frogs... car wrecks... Georgia pigs... vaccinating your kids... fossil anchovies (Yaaaaay!)


  • Darren messed up heliocentrism.
  • In Rio the main characters are Blue Macaws (meant to be Spix Macaws) and the baddie is a Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo.

News from the World of Darren and John[edit]

News from the World of News[edit]

  • Save Dippy, the Carnegie Diplodocus. John and Darren are on neither Team Whale nor Team Dippy. The Diplodocus skeleton is a good hook, but it's old and change could be good. A Blue Whale skeleton could be important for sending a message about conservation biology, but it could be viewed as overbearing and not as much of a draw.
  • There is a Finding Bigfoot UK... and it was an embarrassment! It starts in London, for one thing.
  • Jurassic snakes! They're more closely related to burrowers than monitors and mosasaurs and at least their heads evolved pretty early on.
  • Strix hadorami was recently described, formerly lumped in with Hume's Owl (Strix butleri). Darren then Googles stuff and mumbles.
  • New tapir or something.

Cash for Questions[edit]

  • (41:49) Should Godzilla have feathers?
  • (45:59) The plausibility of Adrienne Mayor and archaeocryptozoology.
  • (54:50) More on parthenogenesis.

Popular Tat[edit]

(1:05:57) A review of the film Lucy.