Episode 37: Dawn of the Planet of the Non-Homo sapiens Apes

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Dawn of the Planet of the Non-Homo sapiens Apes
Tetrapod Zoology Podcast
Episode 37
Published 09 January 2015
Link [1]
Darren is Giovanni Giorgio Moroder
John is John Conway (... Conway)
Darren Tweets at
Length: 2:02:00
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  • Darren called Casuarius casuarius the Single-Wattled Cassowary instead of the Double-Wattled Cassowary.
  • Darren said Labrodon ferox instead of Labrosaurus ferox. Labrodon is a stinkin' fish
  • Markus Bühler comments that Grey Seals are substantially larger than Harbor Porpoises, not nearly the same size.
  • Tim Morris thinks that Hollywood as trying to strike a balance between liberal and conservative.
    • John says "Yet, but stupid"
  • It's pointed out you should be listening to this podcast at TetZoo.com
    • Comments on the last podcast include Heteromeles talking lot about the problems with Interstellar, McChris on not understanding rambling verbal phylogenies, and TomW on hating the Jurassic World trailer.

News from the World of Darren and maybe John[edit]

  • John has no news.
  • Darren was on the Queen Elizabeth II... didn't think that was an important detail last time. Gave lectures to science nerds science-ly informed peoples on dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Went on a submarine as well and saw lots of tetrapods as well as... fish. Also, Brian J. Ford — the Aquatic Dinosaurs Guy — and Darren didn't get to heckle him. Will cover this on Tet Zoo.
  • Darren keeps on working on that big book and is tied up by non-amniote tetrapods. Shows off drawing of Diplocaulus to John.
  • After Darren realized how little coverage amphibians had been getting, there have been lots of articles on frogs.

News from the World of News[edit]

  • New articulated Microraptor specimen.
  • A glut of total bird phylogeny papers and they seem to be agreeing!
  • Controversy on feather evolution — Darren thinks criticisms of display are bunk.
  • The early horned dinosaur Aquilops is described.
  • Dwarfism is described in wild Asian Elephant for first time.
  • The claim of Polar Bear DNA in Himalayan bears is revealed to be an error.
  • Darren has more FU (or News from the World of maybe John?) — John and Darren hung out with somebody who was involved in the Shooting Bigfoot documentary.

Cash for Questions[edit]

  • Darren: The best dinosaur is Ceratosaurus. Tyrannosaurus rex is an impressive beast but it's a bit too popular.
    • John (fake answer): Pterodactyl
    • John (real answer): Giraffatitan. He's not too big on the whole priority naming thing so maybe you could call it Brachiosaurus.
  • Darren mentions Tapirus kabomani, which probably shouldn't be in this section.
  • Are herds let by single dominant individuals? This isn't the case for aggregates of archosaurs (which is to say, flocks of birds). In herding mammals there often is a matriarch or patriarch leading the group — however this probably only applies to smallish groups (5—30) and larger aggregations may be several groups with several 'leaders'.
    • Claims of adult dinosaurs corralling juveniles (by Bakker) lacks evidence.
  • Discussion of cetaceans in captivity. Doesn't seem to be a good idea. Orcas are kept together despite being widely separated genetically (different species or subspecies, perhaps) and don't get along too well. Darren thinks that the positive (educational use) is outweighed by all the negative.
  • Discussion of keeping reptiles as pets. Darren has a Bearded Dragon domestic morph named Flame... who can fart really loud. The international trade in reptiles is basically evil and exotics not bred in captivity should be avoided.

Popular Tat[edit]

  • Darren saw Paddington Bear and Hobbit 3 Lust for Glory but John hasn't. They discuss Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.