Drinking Game

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To be played with the Tetrapod Zoology Podcast. More properly known as the Patented Nicklin/Keesey Drinking Game.

01 Darren gets the show number wrong finish the drink
02 Darren gets his name wrong 1 shot
03 A new tapir is discussed 1 sip
04 Darren gets a new paper out 1 shot
05 Darren and John get side tracked into a discussion of fish 1 shot
06 Darren raises a TV show/film that John hasn't seen 1 sip
07 John has major issues with the film Darren raises 1 sip
08 Darren and John have to spend time clarifying which reboot/sequel/prequel they are discussing 1 shot
09 John offers opinion on film he hasn't seen 1 shot
10 ...and it's positive finish the drink
11 Question is ultimately answered "we don't know" 1 shot
12 Genetics get referred to in a confused way 1 shot
13 Genetics get referred to in a coherent and intelligent way finish the drink
14 "Take that Keesey" 1 shot
15 Darren and/or John mispronounce someone's name 1 sip
16 David Peters is referenced a cry of "Boo" must be uttered and a shot taken to expunge the memory
17 Darren locks himself in/gets pestered by a pet/rung up/answers door 1 shot
18 John gets a delivery 1 shot
19 Apologies are made for/discussion of a technical fault 1 shot
20 Permian Bears! finish the drink
21 Darren makes an arithmetical error 1 shot
22 John says "maybe it's..." 1 shot
23 Any mention of episode 13 3 shots
24 Episode 13 is released finish the shelf
25 Any species known to have been shot by Teddy Roosevelt is mentioned 1 shot
26 Debate of species concept all groan "not again", and take 2 shots
27 MC extinction time everybody stop, and take 1 sip
28 Permian/Triassic extinction finish the drink
29 Feathers on dinosaurs in art/bunny hands 1 sip
30 The infamous croc skulls are finally identified anywhere in the Tetzooniverse finish the drink
31 Darren makes reference to an unpublished yet earth-shattering result 1 shot
32 Heine the unprovable hypothesis Yeti becomes a meme and is referenced 1 shot
33 John hurries Darren along on time 1 shot
34 Darren hurries John 3 shots
35 David Marjanović is mentioned 3 shots
36 Adventure Time is referenced 1 shot
37 A guest is asked "do you lek breed"? Drink "responsibly" by Anglo-Australian definitions of the term