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Position Agnostic Name Flavour Text Can be found @
Emperor Darren Naish founded Tetrapod Zoology in 2006 when eating biscuits and being distracted from his PhD (...slacker). He's regular-Wikipedia famous! Tetrapod Zoology
Grand Vizier John Conway a co-host of the Podcats and co-author of the Cryptozoologicon and All Yesterdays. John Conway's Art
Prime Minister Memo Kosemen a co-author of the Cryptozoologicon and All Yesterdays and shows up on the Podcats on occasion.
Propaganda Minister Ethan Kocak draws the Tet Zoo Comic. Black Mudpuppy
Tianzi Mark Witton Friend of TetZoo and all but unavoidable when it comes to Pterosaurs.
The Archbishops Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel Sauropod high priests and all around neck guys SV:PoW
Ambassador and Envoy Alberta Claw & John Turmelle write Tet Zoo Time! albertonykus & classicalguy
Royal Colourist Gareth Monger Tet Zoo Time colourist and occasional Artistic Conspirator/Printer to the Palaeoart Community. Pteroformer
Master-of-Comments David Marjanović lets no fact go un-checked. Wherever there is something wrong on the Internet.
Lord of the Archives and Records and Lord Geekington Cameron A. McCormick sways the sceptre over the TetZoo Wiki. The Lord Geekington
Court Jester Yodelling_Cyclist/Richard Nicklin tells bad jokes in the Tetzoo comments and listens to Tetrapodcasts over alcohol. @Yod_Cyclist
Former Royal Spam-Catcher, Promoted to Plioplatecarpine Paladin Alex Kleine has never let one slip through.  ?
Baronet Hypnotosov owns very many fine properties on this wiki Google Profile
Dancing Bear and Squamozoic Minion Timothy Morris serves lowly roles of colorization of Squamozoic propaganda and recipient of his namesake "Tim Morris baiting" sessions on the Tetzoo Podcats. Tries to make a living in Illustration, the fool. Timothy Morris Portfolio
Emissary to Alaska and Squidpope Raven Amos lives on the edge of the world, where she paints pretty pictures of extinct and squamozoic animals. raven-amos Deviant Art page
PhyloCode guy Mike Keesey is taking that. A Three-Pound Monkey Brain
Professional Plush-smith and Royal Inkling Rebecca Groom When not inking the TetZoo Time Comic she lurks in the shadows, occasionally popping out to thrust soft toys in people's faces. Crying "BUY IT!" with a mad look in her eyes. Paleoplushies Facebook
Grand Great Featherpope Pennaceous the First lurks secretly, blesses all theropods with feather-like integumental structure and makes sure the Enfluffening is still upon us  ?
Cassowary Warrior Markus Bühler Advocate of non-tetrapod vertebrates (fish!) and promoter for more soft-tissue in life-reconstructions of prehistoric whales. Regular smartass. Bestiarium
Lady-in-waiting Aubrey Roberts sails the fossil seas @seamonsters2013
Royal Falconer Richard Forrest Uses a golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos to trim his beard  ?
Alligator gar spokesmodel Anthony Maltese Tries to make sense of Kansas sea life tweets at @Mosasaurologist
Emissary from the Plant World Heteromeles Contrarian and specialist in tangential comments Heteromeles blog

Recent additions[edit]

Parasitologist in residence Dan Holdsworth dishonourably mentioned

Pan-aviator MMartyniuk He of the unpronounceable last name - Matthew P. Martyniuk Art & Science