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In a bizarre ritual of perverse power, Darren refuses to post a new article on the TetZoo blog until his hapless readers have offered up at least 23 comments for his delectation. Several possible explanations for this cruel spectacle have been proposed. One regular Tet Zoo commenter has proposed that the tradition reflects a fondness for the expression "23 skidoo", while also pointing to the possibility that Darren might be a member of the Illuminati. However, members of other organisations, such as the Worshipers of Eris use the number 23 for their own purposes (which notably include confusing and/or impersonating the Illuminati). It has also been suggested by at least one person that the number signifies the year of Darren's birth, although whether 23AD or 23BC is unclear.

Others (including Darren himself) assert that the true explanation comes from the fact that Darren began to realise that 23 operated as the approximate mode number for comments (though note that the entire phenomenon relates only to Tet Zoo ver 3, and specifically to articles published from a certain point in time onwards).

It should be noted that the presence of a healthy and active comments section helps maintain an active readership since it encourages readers to revisit a page and hence both increase web-hits and enhance continuing discussion. As of December 2014, the '23 comments' rule has become a strictly enforced mandate, a tradition, the subject of a sort of game, and an in-joke among regulars in the TetZooniverse.